Gallery of Barrack photos.





IPhotos taken in the barracks.

Nick, Phyll and Jim Fingleton.    Nick (centre) Jim (right) & Bill McGill.

Flor with Maureen Pollock.          Rita & Eddie Fallon

Photos from Google.

………..Some of the new houses                           The Gym

……………..The Canal gate on Grove Road.    View  from Mount Drummond  Ave.

The following is No 1 Army Band under their  conductor Col. Fritz Brasè


Dad’s pictures. These were taken very early in the  1930s, or maybe earlier.

7 thoughts on “Gallery of Barrack photos.

  1. Siobhan o Hoireachtaigh

    Lovely memories. I lived on G block two doors from our great friends the Grinsells, my parents were Mike and Elizabeth Gould, my sister Marjorie brother Cyril and younger brother Paddy. During the emergency Dad was moved to,Griffith Baracks as CQMS to the newly formed 14th Battalion but I still,headed to Portobello every chance I got to play with friends. Happy days. Joan Herrity formerly Gould.


  2. Denis O'Leary

    My name is Denis (Dinny) O’Leary…..I lived on “E” Block from 1954 to 1972,,,,,nothing but great memories of a barracks…..My neighbours were Nichols / Brosnans / Monks / Broes / McInerny / O’Connels/ Sextons / Corboys / Fosters / Mooneys …..


    1. Hi Dinny. I was delighted to get your message. Yes living in a barracks is certainly different and is very memorable. I left to get married in 1949. My Dad and Mam were still in G Block until 1954, when my Mam died.
      I don’t remember any of the names you mentioned. The gap was probably too big. The Culletons , I remember in E Block. They were well known at the time.
      Were you in the army yourself?


  3. Dinny O Leary

    Hi Flor

    No I was not in the army, my father was, I remember The Culletons very well , one of my memories as a young boy was my mother sending me into Culletons house to see Paddy Culleton laid out in bed , he had just died and being a child I was terrified …..Culletons lived upstairs next door to Grants if I remember correctly.


    1. Hi Dinny
      Poor Paddy Culleton, RIP. Despite his handicaps he was a good sportsman. Basketball , believe it or not. I palled with Paul Oliver who lived in No5 or 6. His Dad was in the Medical Corps.


      1. Denis O'Leary

        Hi Flor

        The only person of an elderly age I remember on G Block….was Mrs Fitzmaurice…..she lived on the last house on the bottom.
        I see you lived in 14 G… best friend also lived in 14 G…..Sean Corboy…..they must have moved in when your family moved out


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